App::sh2p Perl module

This program attempts to convert the base syntax of a UNIX shell script to Perl. It does not attempt to redesign the script for Perl but to assist in the conversion process by automating much of the tedium. It can be run by either supplying the input and output file names, or by supplying a list of input file names and an output directory, which must be the right-most parameter and must already exist. If hyphen ('-') is supplied for either input or output file name then STDIN is read or STDOUT written to (not valid as a directory name). The output file will be overwritten if it exists. If the directory output form is taken then an output file name is generated from the input file name, with '.pl' appended (any existing 'extension' will be removed). If this file already exists then the user will be prompted for permission to overwrite it, unless the -f (force) option is given. The generated code will: Have a #! line generated from $Config{'perlpath'}. use integer; The POSIX shell only supports integer arithmetic, this may be supressed with the -i option

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