Copy Modules(.Pm) to Cwd or Somewhere

This small script('mhere') helps you copy modules to somewhere you like. The precedence order is: '-l', env 'APP_MODULES_HERE' and cwd. By default, it will copy to cwd. It's first written when I tried to trace a bug in one of my modules which led me to another module(let's call it 'Foo' here) in '@INC'. So I ran 'perldoc -l Foo' to find its path, edited it to add more debug info, forced save it(happy that I had the write permission), then reproduced the bug to go on debugging, and so on. After fixed the bug, I was happy and decided to do something else, I almost forgot that I changed 'Foo' before! (believe me, I totally forgot it a couple of times) So I switched to 'Foo', reversed all changed I've made, and forced save it again. That was a bad experience so I decided to make a new approach. that is, to copy relative modules to current working directory and make changes there. after all done we can just remove it with a clean, untouched '@INC'. The new one is better, at least for me, wish it can help you too :)

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