Web framework and templating system for small-medium sites

ZofCMS stands for "Zoffix's Content Management System", however I prefer it to be just a name. It is a small web framework/templating system designed to be easily installed and workable on limited severs, i.e. the ones that do not allow you to install perl modules from CPAN, don't have ssh and occasionally don't even offer any SQL databases. If you have more freedom than that you may want to give Catalyst a try which, my opinion, is a great framework, not just for web, and it offers far more functionality than ZofCMS ever will. ZofCMS is plugin based. If you create your own plugins, please upload them to App::ZofCMS::Plugin namespace or email it to me ('') and I will package it, upload it, and give you corresponding credits. ZofCMS currently uses HTML::Template as a module to interpret HTML templates. And so far, I have no plans to change this to anything alike Template::Toolkit. Despite the "core" of the framework along with all of its plugins being on CPAN there is a helper script ('zofcms_helper') which can produce a ready-for-upload set of files which you can simply upload to your server without having to install anything from CPAN on the server itself. See 'perldoc zofcms_helper'.

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