Application Class for Managing a Simple Sysadmin Log

'App::Sysadmin::Log::Simple' provides an easy way to maintain a simple single-host system administration log. The log is single-host in the sense that it does not log anything about the host. While you can obviously state what host you're talking about in your log entry, there is nothing done automatically to differentiate such log entries, and there is no built-in way to log from one host to another. The logs themselves are also simple - you get a single line of plain text to say what you have to say. That line gets logged in a fashion that is easy to read with this script, with cat, or it can be parsed with Text::Markdown (or Text::MultiMarkdown, which is a more modern drop-in replacement) and served on the web. If you need more than a single line of text, you may wish to use that line to point to a pastebin - you can easily create and retrieve them from the command line with App::Pastebin::sprunge. There is also no way to audit that the logs are correct. It can be incorrect in a number of ways: * * SUDO_USER or USER can be spoofed * * The files can be edited at any time, they are chmod 644 and owned by an unprivileged user * * The timestamp depends on the system clock * * ...etc Nonetheless, this is a simple, easy, and *fast* way to get a useful script for managing a simple sysadmin log. We believe the 80/20 rule applies: You can get 80% of the functionality with only 20% of a "real" solution. In the future, each log entry might be committed to a git repository for additional tracking.

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