Use Regexes with File Utils Like Rm, Cp, Mv, Ln

This distribution provides a version of 'rm', 'cp', 'mv' and 'ln' with a _re_ (as in regular expression) prefix where the file sources can be specified as a regular expression, or the file source and destination can be specified as a regular expression substitution Perl style. The functionality that this provides can be duplicated with shell syntax (typically for loops), but I find these scripts require less typing and work regardless of the shell you are using. The scripts in this distribution do not remove, copy, move or link files directly, instead they call the real 'rm', 'cp', 'mv' and 'ln' programs provided by your operating system. You can therefore use any options that they support, for example the '-i' option will allow you to interactively delete files: % rerm -i '/\.bak$/'

There is no official package available for openSUSE Leap 15.3


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