Base of Work Log Application

*App::JobLog* provides a simple command line utility for keeping track of what you do when. The underlying design goals were to keep it fast, simple, and idiot proof and to keep the generated documents human readable and comprehensible. The usual form of such a document is a log -- a series of line-delimited events, each containing a time stamp, a description, and perhaps other meta-data. The problem with a log is that it's usually a little numbing to scroll through it for anything but the most recent events, and with a job log what you usually want isn't time stamps but durations. So in addition to a logging facility we want a report extraction facility. Finally, we often want to filter out particular activities and categorize them in various ways, so along with the time stamps and descriptions we want tags. That's about it. Besides this minimal functionality we want the log to impose as few restrictions as possible so that we don't need to think about how it works. We don't want to worry about characters with special valence so the log has to handle its own escaping of spaces and colons and so forth. We don't want to worry about character encoding so the log has to be in Unicode (utf8). *App::JobLog* keeps its documents, by default, in a hidden directory in your home directory called _.joblog/_. These documents are a README file explaining to anyone who stumbles across the directory what it's function is, a log, called _log_, a configuration file, called _config.ini_, a vacation file, called _vacation_, and perhaps log backups. To perform any action with *App::JobLog* one invokes the executable with a command and a list of options. These commands are listed below.

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