PPI-powered grep

This is *Alpha* code. Probably has bugs and the output format of 'grepl' is likely to change at some point. Also, we'll add more things you can search for in the future. Right now, you should just need to add them to the '%HANDLER_FOR' hash. This software allows you to 'grep' through Perl documents. Further, you can specify which _parts_ of the documents you wish to search through. While you can use the class API directly, generally you'll use the 'grepl' program which is automatically installed. For example, to search all comments for 'XXX' or 'xxx': grepl --dir lib/ --pattern '(?i:XXX)' --search comments See 'perldoc grepl' for more examples of that interface. See Allowed Tokens for what you can search through. This will be expanded as time goes on. Patches very welcome.

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