Extends Module::Build to Build/Install/Configure Entire Applications (I.[cut]

App::Build is a subclass of Module::Build, so you can use it in place of Module::Build when creating your "Build.PL" installation scripts. Module::Build is good at installing perl modules and programs/scripts. Full applications (i.e. web applications) need to install other files such as web pages, images, CSS style sheets, javascript files, CGI programs, data files, and configuration data. App::Build addresses these issues. The vision of App::Build is to make installing entirely functional perl applications (particularly web applications) as easy as installing individual modules from CPAN. An ISP customer (or other unprivileged user) who has shell access should be able to install any number of available applications from CPAN simply by typing the usual perl -MCPAN -e "install App::Build::Foo" and the "Foo" application is installed on his account. App::Build does this by implementing the following features. 1. Distributions that use App::Build instead of Module::Build can easily install files to other places, besides just "lib" and "bin". e.g. "htdocs", "cgi-bin", "etc". (see the "extra_dirs" argument in the example in the Synopsis above) 2. App::Build also adds a hook into the "install" action to call the "configure()" method. If you are subclassing App::Build, you can override this method and perform customized configuration tasks.

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