Provide a Consistent Interface to a Wide Array of Templating Languages

This module provides a simple, consistent interface to common templating engines so you can write code that is agnostic to the template language used in the presentation layer. This means you can allow your interface developers to work in the templating language they're happiest in or write code that works with legacy/in-house templating modules but can also be released onto CPAN and work with more standard CPAN templating systems. By its very nature, this interface only exposes pretty much the lowest common denominator of the template engine APIs. It does however provide a fairly rich set of input and output mechanisms, using native implementations where available and providing some default implementations to extend the default set offered by some templating modules. If you need the quirky features of a particular templating engine, then this may not be for you. Having said that, in some cases you may be able to encapsulate some of your logic in options passed into the adaptor classes (either rolling your own adaptors, or improving ours) to pull the relevant strings on the backend module. Templateing languages supported by backends supplied with this distribution can be found in the README (remember there may be others out there and you can always roll your own).

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