Common API for modules that convert data structures into strings

A renderer in this context is something that turns a data structure into a string. This includes templating engines, serialisers etc. This module provides a consistent API to these services so that your application can generate output in an extensible variety of formats. Formats currently supported include: - XML (via XML::Simple) - XML+XSLT - Data::Dumper - Javascript, Javascript::Anon & JSON - UrlEncoded - The formats supported by Data::Serializer (e.g. Config::General and Config::Wrest) - Any templating language supported by Any::Template The module will discover any backend modules and offer up their formats. Once loaded, Any::Renderer will look for a module to handle any new formats it doesn't know about, so adding new formats in a persistent environment won't require the module to be reloaded. However if you CHANGE which module provides a format you will need to reload Any::Renderer (e.g. send a SIGHUP to modperl).

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