Flexible 2D/3D spacial indexing

A generic implementation of spatial (2D and 3D) indexes with support for pluggable algorithms (henceforth: _strategies_) and storage backends. Right now, this package ships with a quad tree implementation (Algorithm::SpatialIndex::Strategy::QuadTree), an experimental oct tree (3D indexing, Algorithm::SpatialIndex::Strategy::OctTree), an in-memory storage backend (Algorithm::SpatialIndex::Storage::Memory), and an experimental database-backed storage (Algorithm::SpatialIndex::Storage::DBI), *NOTE: This is an experimental release. There must be bugs.* The functionality is split between pluggable storage backends (see Algorithm::SpatialIndex::Storage) and _strategies_ (see Algorithm::SpatialIndex::Strategy, the latter of which implement the actual indexing algorithm, usually some form of tree. For the basic quad tree (Algorithm::SpatialIndex::Strategy::QuadTree) and oct tree strategies, the tree is built from Algorithm::SpatialIndex::Nodes. For each leaf node of the tree, the storage contains a _bucket_ (Algorithm::SpatialIndex::Bucket). The buckets are basically dumb, linear complexity storage for items. Each item is simply an array reference containing an id followed by two or more coordinates. The dimensionality depends on the strategy. For example, quad trees are two-dimensional, oct trees three-dimensional.

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