Exim nhash algorithm

This is an implementation of the Exim nhash algorithm. It also supports an arbitrary number of divisors and not just the one or two that Exim permits. The nash algorithm is a fast and simple hashing algorithm that attempts to evenly-distribute values but does not attempt to avoid collisions. Thus, it should not be used in place of a cryptographically-secure algorithm such as Digest::SHA. It is mainly intended for hashing filenames into directories to avoid placing too many files into a single directory. If nhash is not given any divisors, then the hash result is returned as-is. If one divisor is given, the hash result is given modulo that divisor. If more than one divisor is given, the hash result is successively divided and the modulo at each stage returned. Since the result is typically a 20-30 bit number, the product of all the divisors shouldn't be more than about 2**20 or the returned values will not be evenly-distributed.

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