Engine for the game of go/weiqi/baduk

Pachi is a reasonably strong engine for the ancient game of go. The default engine plays by Chinese rules and should be about 7d KGS strength on 9x9. On 19x19 it can hold a solid KGS 2d rank on modest hardware (Raspberry Pi 3, dcnn) or faster machine (e.g. six-way Intel i7) without dcnn. When using a large cluster (64 machines, 20 cores each), it maintains KGS 3d to 4d and has won e.g. a 7-stone handicap game against Zhou Junxun 9p. By default, Pachi currently uses the UCT engine that combines Monte Carlo approach with tree search; UCB1AMAF tree policy using the RAVE method is used for tree search, while the Moggy playout policy using 3×3 patterns and various tactical checks is used for the semi-random Monte Carlo playouts. Large-scale board patterns and dcnn are used in the tree search.

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