QMail mail transport and delivery system

qmail is a modern SMTP server which makes sendmail obsolete, written by Dan Bernstein, who also has a web page for qmail. qmail is a secure package. There was a $1,000.00 prize for anyone who can show otherwise, which went unclaimed. netqmail is derived from Daniel Bernstein's qmail-1.03 plus bug fixes, a few feature enhancements, and some documentation. This package adds even more features and enhancements: - support for STARTTLS - FHS + LSB compliance - qmail-spp SMTP plugin support - DKIM signatures of outgoing mails (requires libdkim) - support for sending mail via IPv6 - support for SMTP-AUTH (RFC-3848 & RFC-4945) using a modified version of Erwin Hoffmann's qmail-authentication patch

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