Free, open source tool for creating realistic 3D human characters

MakeHuman is a free, open source software which allows the creation of realistic 3D human characters fast and in a simplified manner, through the manipulation of controls for different human attributes. Users are able to model human characters by manipulating the controls to modify various human characteristics such as gender, age, height, weight and ethnicity as well as low level details of things such as the eye's shape, mouth's shape or finger's length. Via a 'point and click' approach, users can preview and load poses, animation cycles, facial expressions, hair, shoes and clothes onto characters from the MakeHuman™ Library. The human characters created can be saved in the custom MakeHuman format (.mhm), rendered and exported in various formats such as Collada (.dae), Filmbox (.fbx), MD5, Blender exchange (.mhx), Wavefront .obj, Stereolithography (.stl). The output characters are licensed under the CC0 license, one of the most liberal license for output content. This means that artists are given the freedom to use their creations for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. The copyright © 2001-2014 is retained by the MakeHuman™ Team ( which grants you permission to use released code under the GNU Affero General Public License 3.0 (AGPL).

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