Programs to manipulate OpenType and multiple-master fonts

This package contains four tools for working with OpenType fonts: cfftot1 allows you to translate Compact Font Format (CFF) or PostScript-flavored OpenType fonts into PostScript Type 1 font format otfinfo reports information about OpenType fonts, such as the features they support and the contents of their ``size'' optical size option otftotfm allows you to create TeX font metrics and encodings for using OpenType fonts t1dotlessj creates a Type 1 font with a single character -- the dotless j corresponding to the specified design t1lint checks a Type 1 font for correctness (preliminary) t1reencode reencodes a Type 1 font, replacing its internal encoding with one you specify t1testpage creates a PostScript test page for a specified font file (preliminary) The package now includes programs for working with multiple-master fonts formerly distributed as mminstance. These tools allow you to use multiple-master fonts with programs that require single-master fonts (afm2tfm, ps2pk, fontinst, etc.). Both programs work fine with fonts that contain intermediate masters (e.g., Adobe Jenson MM and Adobe Kepler MM). mmafm creates an AFM (Adobe font metric) file corresponding to a single instance of a multiple-master font. It reads (and therefore requires) the AMFM and AFM files distributed with the font. mmpfb creates a normal, single-master font program that looks like an instance of a multiple-master font. It reads the multiple-master font program in PFA or PFB format.

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