Mail milter with greylisting

Mail filtering software using the sendmail milter API. j-chkmail is compatible with UNIX based mailservers running sendmail or postfix. The goal of j-chkmail is to be able to filter as much messages as possible, as fast as possible and as well as possible. Originally, it was intended to be used in large and heterogeneous communities such as a university campus. For configuration instructions see: <a href="http://www.j-chkmail.org/wiki/doku.php/doc/start">http://www.j-chkmail.org/wiki/doku.php/doc/start</a> Start jchkmail with the provided start/stop script /etc/init.d/jchkmail or its symbolic link /usr/sbin/jchkmail. This will create the necessary group and user smmsp and fix the file permissions. Additional licence clause: If you use or distribute j-chkmail or any product derived from j-chkmail or derived from another product derived from j-chkmail in any application (commercial or not), including services or whatever else, you MUST clearly indicate that what you're doing is based on j-chkmail on any advertisement about your application. This clause MUST be propagated (ad eternum) to any derived products/services or whatever ... Author: Jose Marcio Martins da Cruz Ecole des Mines de Paris - Centre de Calcul

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