Didactical monitoring software for Linux-networks

iTALC is a powerful software for Linux-networks, which was especially developed for working with computers in school. But it can be also used in other learning-environments. iTALC is a software for teachers using the computer as didactical tool in their lessons. It aims to be a complete replacement for expensive commercial software like MasterEye (tm). iTALC makes it possible, to access and influence the pupils activities from the computer of the teacher. This way iTALC supports the work with modern equipment in school. For example the teacher is able to see the content of the pupils screens on his screen. If a student needs help, the teacher can access his desktop and give support while sitting in front of his computer. The pupil can watch all activities, the teacher is doing on his desktop. So the he can learn new processes. If you want to teach the pupils completely new stuff, you can switch into demo-mode. Then all pupils see what the teacher is doing/demonstrating. It's also possible to let a pupil demonstrate something by redirecting his screen to all screens of the other pupils. iTALC provides even more features for controlling the pupils computers. For example you can lock all screens, so that the pupils can't continue their work and are forced to turn their attention to the teacher. You can also kill games or internet-browsers, if these things are not part of the lesson. But there are also some nice features for administrators, making the administration of the computers much easier and more comfortable. For example you can execute one or more commands on every computer without sitting in front of every computer and typing these comands. The execution of X-applications (e.g. Star/OpenOffice-Setup) on all clients with redirection to the local admin-computer is also part of iTALC's featurelist. Furthermore you can shutdown and restart the computers per remote control. If the computers support Wake-on-LAN, it's also possible to turn on all computers from a central place. Author: ------- Tobias Doerfel

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