Documentation for the International Fonts

This package contains the READMEs for international fonts from the following packages: intlfonts-arabic-bitmap-fonts: Arab fonts for X11 intlfonts-asian-bitmap-fonts: Asian fonts for X11 intlfonts-chinese-bitmap-fonts: Chinese fonts for X11 intlfonts-chinese-big-bitmap-fonts: Big Chinese fonts for X11 intlfonts-ethiopic-bitmap-fonts: Ethiopic fonts for X11 intlfonts-euro-bitmap-fonts: European fonts for X11 intlfonts-japanese-bitmap-fonts: Japanese fonts for X11 intlfonts-japanese-big-bitmap-fonts: Big Japanese fonts for X11 intlfonts-phonetic-bitmap-fonts: IPA fonts for X11 intlfonts-ttf-fonts: TrueType fonts intlfonts-type1-fonts: Type1 fonts intlfonts-bdf-fonts: Bitmap fonts useful for printing exotic languages from Emacs

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