Tool to Synchronize GPS Tracklog with Date/Time Stamps of Image EXIF Data

A commandline tool to synchronize a gps (gpx) tracklog with the date/time stamps of the image exif-data gpsPhoto geotags digital photos by using GPS track data recorded at the same time. Matches are based on closest timestamps. An optionally generated Google Earth KML or KMZ file contains the GPS tracks and the geotagged photos. The purpose of this tool is to allow a hiker to record a GPS tracklog or waypoints and later (at home) synchronize this GPS data with the timestamps of the image exif data of his digital camera, in order to locate and store the position where the picture was taken. The tool writes coordinates, altitude and additional metadata to the Exif and IPTC metadata section of jpeg, nef and potentially other file formats. Optionally, a Google Earth kml file is created containing the gps tracklog and the image positions.

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