Additional ciphers for GnuPG for PGP2 compatibility

Modules for GnuPG with licensing or security issues. Useful for interaction with PGP2, see end of file. Contains the gpg-2compat wrapper script from Gero Treuner, which allows the mixed use of RSA and DSA keys with GnuPG. Please read the following notes carefully! IDEA: Patented by Ascom Systec Ltd. of CH-5506 Maegenwil. Only freely usable for certain non-profit purpose: This software product contains the IDEA algorithm as described and claimed in US patent 5,214,703, EPO patent 0482154 (covering Austria, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK), and Japanese patent application 508119/1991, "Device for the conversion of a digital block and use of same" (hereinafter referred to as "the algorithm"). Any use of the algorithm for commercial purposes is thus subject to a license from MediaCrypt AG, Zürich, CH (Switzerland), being the owner of all rights, including the trademark IDEA. For further information on the allowed use, please contact MediaCrypt AG, Zürich, Switzerland and consult their license information <a href=""></a> RIJNDAEL: The winner of the NIST competition to find a new standard crypto algorithm (so, it's ths successor of DES). It's now included into GnuPG 1.0.4, so it's not included in here any more. RSA: This code should not have been exported _to_ the United States without a license agreement with PKP prior to Sept. 20, 2000, as it was encumbered by U.S. patent #4,405,829. The RSA support now went into GnuPG-1.0.3 and is therefore not in this package any more. RSAREF: This module is Copyright (c) 1999 Jason Gunthorpe <> and is placed into the public domain, do with it what you will. It comes with no warrenty express or implied. RSAREF is limited in key size and in the coding of the encrypted data. This module isn't terribly great as RSAREF has no concept of secure memory so the secret key and the symmetric cipher are written to insecure memory in several places in this code and within the RSAREF lib. NOT CURRENTLY BUILT. SKIPJACK: GPL -- but not recommended for use. 3DES: An alternative 3DES implementation Requires Eric Young's SSLeay or the OpenSSL library. NOT CURRENTLY BUILT.

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