Collection of crypto hashes, fast, pure and practical

DEPRECATED: this library is still fully functional, but please use cryptonite for new projects and convert old one to use cryptonite. This is where things are at nowadays. A collection of crypto hashes, with a practical incremental and one-pass, pure APIs, with performance close to the fastest implementations available in other languages. The implementations are made in C with a haskell FFI wrapper that hide the C implementation. Simple examples using the unified API: > import Crypto.Hash > > sha1 :: ByteString -> Digest SHA1 > sha1 = hash > > hexSha3_512 :: ByteString -> String > hexSha3_512 bs = show (hash bs :: Digest SHA3_512) Simple examples using the module API: > import qualified Crypto.Hash.SHA1 as SHA1 > > main = putStrLn $ show $ SHA1.hash (Data.ByteString.pack [0..255]) > import qualified Crypto.Hash.SHA3 as SHA3 > > main = putStrLn $ show $ digest > where digest = SHA3.finalize ctx > ctx = foldl' SHA3.update iCtx (map Data.ByteString.pack [ [1,2,3], [4,5,6] ] > iCtx = SHA3.init 224.

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