Command line argument processing

This library provides an easy way to define command line parsers. Most users will want to use the "System.Console.CmdArgs.Implicit" module, whose documentation contains an example. * "System.Console.CmdArgs.Explicit" provides a way to write command line parsers for both single mode programs (most programs) and multiple mode programs (e.g. darcs or cabal). Parsers are defined by constructing a data structure. * "System.Console.CmdArgs.Implicit" provides a way to concisely define command line parsers, up to three times shorter than getopt. These parsers are translated into the Explicit data type. * "System.Console.CmdArgs.GetOpt" provides a wrapper allowing compatiblity with existing getopt parsers, mapping to the Explicit data type. For a general reference on what command line flags are commonly used, see <<a href=">">></a> .

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