A Dead Simple VPN

DSVPN is a Dead Simple VPN, designed to address the most common use case for using a VPN: [client device] -- (untrusted network) -- [vpn server] -- [the Internet] Features: * Runs on TCP. Works pretty much everywhere, including on public WiFi where only TCP/443 is open or reliable. * Uses only modern cryptography, with formally verified implementations. * Small and constant memory footprint. Doesn't perform any heap memory allocations. * Small (~25 KB), with an equally small and readable code base. * Works out of the box. No lousy documentation to read. No configuration file. No post-configuration. Run a single-line command on the server, a similar one on the client and you're done. No firewall and routing rules to manually mess with. * Doesn't leak between reconnects if the network doesn't change. Blocks IPv6 on the client to prevent IPv6 leaks.

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