Client for Google Cloud Print Service

The Google Cloud Print service allows various ways to register a printer. Many current generation printers have support built in. Alternatively, there are software interfaces that can run on computer and handle the interaction with Google. This package provides a CUPS compatible client that allows an openSUSE computer to send files to Google for printing on a registered printer. When files are sent to Google's servers for transmission to the printer it means that Google has access to them so that those printed documents are no longer private. Once CUPS-Cloud-Print is installed it has to be configured by running as root: /usr/share/cloudprint-cups/ /usr/share/cloudprint-cups/ only configures the client, so you will need to have a registered printer at the Google Cloud Print service prior to running should be re-run after each time CUPS-Cloud-Print is updated. Because it accesses the Internet, it has to be run manually after each update.

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