Best-Effort Extent-Same, a btrfs deduplication agent

bees is a block-oriented userspace deduplication agent designed for large btrfs filesystems. It is an offline dedupe combined with an incremental data scan capability to minimize time data spends on disk from write to dedupe. Hilights: * Space-efficient hash table and matching algorithms - can use as little as 1 GB hash table per 10 TB unique data (0.1GB/TB) * Daemon incrementally dedupes new data using btrfs tree search * Works with btrfs compression - dedupe any combination of compressed and uncompressed files * Persistent hash table for rapid restart after shutdown * Whole-filesystem dedupe - including snapshots * Constant hash table size - no increased RAM usage if data set becomes larger * Works on live data - no scheduled downtime required * Automatic self-throttling based on system load

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