Fuse ZX Spectrum Emulation Utilities

The Fuse utilities are a few tools which may be of occasional use when dealing with ZX Spectrum emulator files. They were originally distributed with Fuse, the Free Unix Spectrum Emulator, but are now independent of Fuse and can be used on their own. The available utilities are: * audio2tape: convert an audio file to tape format. * createhdf: create an empty .hdf IDE hard disk image. * fmfconv: converter tool for FMF movie files. * listbasic: list the BASIC in a snapshot or tape file. * profile2map: convert Fuse profiler output to Z80-style map format. * raw2hdf: create a .hdf IDE hard disk image from another file. * rzxcheck: verify the digital signature in an RZX file. * rzxdump: list the contents of an RZX input recording file. * rzxtool: add, extract or remove the embedded snapshot from an RZX file, or compress or uncompress the file. * scl2trd: convert .scl disk images to .trd disk images. * snap2tzx: convert snapshots to TZX tape images. * snapconv: convert between snapshot formats. * tape2pulses: dumps the pulse information from tape images to text files. * tape2wav: convert a tape file to .wav audio format. * tapeconv: convert between .tzx and .tap files. * tzxlist: list the contents of a TZX, TAP, PZX or Warajevo TAP file.

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