Using OBS download pages

Welcome to the OBS download page. This page offers a simple way to show your users the latest builds of your packages and appliances by either embedding its output as an iframe in your project homepage, or by creating a download page for you.

Creating a download page for a package

Just create a link to<projectname>&package=<packagename>

for example:;package=osc

To embed this page as an iframe in the download section of your project homepage, you can use this code:

<iframe src="<projectname>&package=<packagename>"></iframe>

Which will result in an output like this:

Creating a download page for a pattern

Linking to a pattern is similar to the way described above for a package, just change the url to use pattern:<projectname>&pattern=<patternname>

Creating a download page for an appliance

If your OBS project is building appliances, you can also link to those with:<projectname>

To embed an iframe showing the appliances of your project, use this code:

<iframe src="<projectname>"></iframe>

Which will result in an output like this:

Advanced options

JSON output: You can also request the data in json format by using .json as output format, for example:

Theming: To customize the theming of the download page, you have multiple options to change the colors. Use the parameters bcolor, fcolor, hcolor and acolor to set the different colors.