openSUSE Promo DVDs

Get Promo DVDs...

Join the fast-growing community, put openSUSE into more hands by getting the latest PromoDVD for your group, non-profit organization, school university or event like LUG meetings, installfests, and conferences. Promo DVDs help to increase awareness and visibility of openSUSE!

Promo DVDs and all the related artwork -labels and sleeve- can be downloaded from the promodvd download directory download. Keep in mind that this is a special version of openSUSE, namely designed for promotional distribution.

... and keep us informed

We would like you, to keep us informed about your usage of the DVDs, so we can help you to promote your organization, event or school on our news page or other resources. (Hint! We love photos. Take lots of them!). Please contact us at to discuss promotion and/or other ways we can assist you.

... get other marketing stuff

We have a lot of other marketing material to download. Check out the marketing materials page in our wiki.

... and organize a launch party

One special request if you are organizing a openSUSE launch party: Please make that clear in the "Reason" field below (if ordering a shipment) and ensure that your event is listed on the Launch Parties page! And if you need help on organizing a launch party, check the Launch party how-to. You can find some cool posters and other artwork on that page as well.