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Installation Medium

Download Method ?

Type of Computer ?

Some of the live distributions based on openSUSE. Those interested in trying to build their own derivatives can take a look at SUSE Studio.
see Derivatives on wiki

How to Proceed

  1. After having successfully downloaded the ISO image(s), create a bootable USB stick or burn the image(s) to a DVD (or a CD if the chosen image fits).
  2. Boot from the DVD, CD or USB stick. In case your computer does not automatically boot from the chosen device, open the BIOS setup to allow booting from it.

Add-On Downloads (optional)

  • Download Extra Languages (32 Bit) (gpg | md5 | sha1)
  • Download Extra Languages (64 Bit) (gpg | md5 | sha1)
  • The installation process is available in many languages but, for most of them, the translation of the applications is not included in the image. If you want your openSUSE system to support some additional language, you need to download it from the Internet during the installation or any time after it. If you have easy access to the Internet you do not need this CD, but if you are planning to install openSUSE in some machine with no Internet connection, it will provide you access to all the available translations.

  • Download NonOSS CD (gpg | md5 | sha1)
  • This CD contains free software distributed under proprietary licence not allowing its inclusion to main installation media together with free open-source software. All software from this CD could be downloaded from NON-OSS repository.

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